Saturday, August 25, 2007

A busy few weeks


So as of last post was ready to start building the new catamaran, had very nearly purchased plans, and fate strikes. . .

So the yard that I was lined up with for a build site calls and says the deal is off. They're done with boat building and don't want to have anything to do with it anymore. They're going through an eviction with someone--a "boatbuilder" just like me--who has been squatting in the boat yard and it's all going to go to court, and well, its just not worth it to cater to the likes of me, apparently.

Well, so it goes.

This was discouraging to say the least. This particular yard was the most affordable by some measure the the whole area, and the only one I could find that was remotely favorable to a boat building sort of project. Elsewise it all involves one-sided leases(I sign up for a year but they can kick me out any time) huge costs of 1200 bucks a month or more for an unimproved site and generally a hassle altogether. And it's not like THIS yard was convenient, nor comfortable, nor serviceable really. It was the only option and the only I could find that would work.

So what next?

Well, I just bought 3 acres in Hawaii as a build site. Why not? The cost of the property is near to what the rental cost of the build site would be, I actually own something, and any improvements I make to the site, ie, boat shed, etc., I actually get to keep when I'm done. Besides, it's Hawaii, and the thought of building a double voyaging canoe there sounds like much more fun in spite of the rain.

So, it's official, the Seasteader's Institute exists. #45 Kalaponi Rd, Mountain View, Hawaii, 96720. Other project minded people welcome.

I'm heading over there in November/December and will bash a build site out of the jungle and build some sort of cabin/bunkhouse. I hope to have help with a pole building for cat building, and will likely set up from the start to crack out cylinder molded cats. I plan as well to plant Paulownia trees all over the back two acres which should provide the lumber to build boats as fast as I can build boats. True, green, sustainable boat building? Really? I'm going native.

I'll keep you posted.

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