Sunday, August 12, 2007

So, the new boat project.

So my new boat will be designed to be as practical, as minimalistic, as capable, and of course as fun as possible.

A question that I've been asked a few times, however, is this: Jay, are you going to build this boat out of renewable resources?

Hell no, I reply, at least not purposely.

Simply by the fact I intend to really build on the cheap I'll obviously engage in a lot of personal recycling, and have already started my scrounge for bits and pieces to work into the boat. But, by and large, none of the plywoods, epoxies, nor sailcloth will have a renewable aspect.

Why? Because it's pointless.

From my perspective of NON-PARTICIPATION it's very clear. At this point conversation policy only emphasizes voluntary reductions in personal consumption, not mandatory caps, the best I personally can hope to achieve by my personal reductions is subsidizing someone else's excesses. And I'm not willing to do that. While I might currently drive the highest gas-mileage pickup that can be bought, I do so because I'm cheap, not because I'm trying to save the world. The world is fucked. I can save some cash, but I'm very aware that while policy is what it is, if I personally don't burn the gas, it just lesses demand that very infinitesimal amount, which lowers cost, and encourages someone else to drive a "hummer." Mandatory caps on personal consumption would change all that, but I'll put that concept under "fat chance."

So again, any ecological aspect of this project is simply a net product of living, in essence, non-consumptively. The whole of this boat in terms of it's carbon footprint is more or less equal to that of the average American's fuel usage for two years. Considering the boat should have a lifespan of 50 year, and should produce no emissions during that period, its damn green without trying much to be.

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